Rain Gauge Base Station

The rain gauge base station is a pressure transducer-based gauge and a housing for a datalogger for surrounding devices. Devices can be connected in through the bottom of the station with standard electrical conduit.

This device is currently a work in progress.



8″ schedule 40 PVC casing¬†(we use 80″ to get 3 out of a 20′ pipe)

8″ to 4″ spun reducer¬†(x1)

8″ PVC coupling (x2)

3″ PVC pipe, 30″ (x1)

4″ to 3″ schedule 40 PVC reducer (x1)

3″ to 1-1/2″ schedule 40 PVC reducer (x1)

1-1/2″ slip to 1/2″ female threaded bushing (x1)

1/2″ threaded male adapter (x2)

1/2″ PVC pipe (2″)

1/2″ threaded PVC ball valve (x1)


5/8″ Cam Lock (x1)

18″ Piano Hinge (x1)



Pressure Gauge