7/14/2014 Piezometer Data

Data has now been collected up to 6/26 for 8 of the sites. Atmospheric data for June 3-9 is still absent from the spreadsheet, all other remaining issues with missing atmospheric data have been resolved.

Piezometer Data updated 7.14.2014

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6/9/14 Piezometer Data

Piezometer data across 18 sites within Syracuse can now be downloaded. Note that atmospheric data is currently missing after 6/3/14, so piezometric data after this time will not be accurate within the file.

Syracuse Piezometer Data (updated 6-9-14)

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Welcome to the research group of David Chandler at the LCSmith College of Engineering. This site will act as a central location to keep documentation of all of the projects developed within the research group.

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